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  • Negi Arabani

2020 Spring Jewelry Trends to Watch

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" - Unknown

Spring is a time to start anew, to refresh your mindset and your wardrobe so why not start with your jewelry? Jewelry is a way to express yourself visually to those around you and the best part of that is you can change up your accessories to match your mood. Feeling bold? Try a statement choker. Feeling glam? Add some pearls. Feeling moody? Try a cuff earring. No matter your mood, there is a piece of jewelry to match it. Here is some inspiration to refresh your Spring jewelry collection, straight from New York and London Fashion week.

The biggest trends for Spring Include:

🌼 Hoop there it is - Hoop earrings have been around for a long time now but this Spring they are getting supersized. Large hoops were all over the runway paired with everything from suits to dresses. This makes our inner 90s girl so happy!

🌼 Chain-link chic - Chain link necklaces are another Spring jewelry trend you should expect to see a lot of this year. From simple silver chains to oversized jewel encrusted statement pieces, chain-link chic is here to stay.

🌼 Silver lining - Silver is having a big moment in the jewelry world this Spring and we approve! The simplicity and versatility of silver is something to embrace. Check out these simple studs (below).

🌼 Single ladies - Perhaps one of the most interesting trends on the runway this year was single earrings. Many designers sent models down the runway with just one dramatic earring. Some earrings were even several feet long!

🌼 Funky pearls - Pearls tend to go in and out of style throughout the years but for Spring they are back, with an eclectic twist. Many designers showcased mismatched pearl earrings, pearl headpieces, and knotted necklaces.

🌼 Pop of color - There is truly no better time than Spring to try something out of your comfort zone. If you are hesitant about wearing bright colors, jewelry is a place where you can test the waters. Try bright pastel-colored earrings or a saturated choker for drama. You really can’t go wrong!

🌼 Animal instincts - Designers began to incorporate animals into their jewelry this year. From bird earrings to scorpion necklaces, animals served as inspiration for many top fashion designers.

🌼 Buckle up - Across the spring and fall 2020 runways, statement chokers were everywhere especially chokers that were reminiscent of buckles.

There are a lot of fun new trends to incorporate into your wardrobe this Spring, however, not everyone has the budget to spend on designer brands. Not to worry though, there are tons of eco-friendly and affordable brands that make stunning jewelry with up-cycled and fair-mined metals.

Check out this list of 25 eco-friendly jewelry designers here:

What trends are you loving for Spring? Post a comment and let us know!



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